©2019 by Abby Tyler.

She rescued the town's lost animals. He rescued her.

A small town dog lovers romance by Abby Tyler.

  • I was sucked in until the very last line. -- Shakespeare's Wench Book Blog

  • I laughed, cried and felt like I made new friends. -- 3 Degrees of Fiction

  • I really love this small town story that has all the feels. -- The Power of Three Readers


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Savannah Perkins has always loved the animal shelter her father started in memory of her mother. It's been her life's work and a peaceful place for her to care for him.

But it's a hard living, and volunteers have gotten hard to come by.Until Luke.

No one was more surprised by Luke Southard's arrival in Applebottom than his father. Mayor T-bone had no idea he had a son.

While Luke waits on the local veterinary school to accept his transfer, the town suggests he help out at the shelter.

But some of the local boys take issue with his closeness to Savannah, blaming him for vandalism around town. When the new vet school refuses him, Luke figures he's overstayed his welcome.

It will take some quick thinking by the town to help Luke and Savannah realize that in each other, they've found their perfect shelter.


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